Ford rolls out Mustang Mach-E battery contactor recall fix via dealerships

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT available early fall 2021.

Last month, Ford recalled over 48,000 Mustang Mach-E units over battery contactor issues. Ford has now introduced a fix for the problem that can be implemented via the company’s dealership network.

Ford’s Mach-E recall circled around a problem that would occur when the vehicle’s battery contactors would overheat, causing the EV to suffer a drop in performance. In the worst cases, the vehicle would stop and need to be towed to a dealer. While this recall was in place and Ford was looking for a solution, dealers were advised to halt deliveries of new Mach-Es.

The vehicles affected were manufactured in Ford’s Cuautitlan Mexico plant between May 27th, 2020, and May 24th, 2022; covering many of the available Mach-E models sold. Luckily, via Ford’s large dealer network, the vehicles can be fixed. Customers can also wait until an over-the-air update is applied later this year. Other recalls that applied to the Mach-E are far rarer, but were similarly software-based.

The recall seemingly had little effect on Ford Mach-E’s success as the company noted that it was able to grow EV sales by 70% in June compared to last year. A notable portion of that number was Mach-Es.

A few factors remain unclear. First of all, it was not published how common this problem was among the nearly 49,000 vehicles that were recalled. Would they all suffer from this issue at some point? Or is it unlikely that any given vehicle would actually run into the issue? Secondly, the viability of the update remains a mystery as customers are yet to post experiences online about their vehicles’ behavior following the recall and its subsequent fix.

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Ford rolls out Mustang Mach-E battery contactor recall fix via dealerships
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