Nevada State Treasurer is turning his back on Faraday Future

More bad news for Faraday Future is makings its way out of Nevada, would-be home to the company’s $1 billion factory. Following a series of very candid responses about Faraday Future’s chief financial backer, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, State Treasurer Dan Schwartz has opened up about what the future might hold for the electric car startup’s proposed plant.

“Personally I think it’s over.” Schwartz tells KSNV in Las Vegas. “I think it was over pretty much before it began.” adding, “I think he’s out of money.” Schwartz says of Yueting . “Could he get more money? My sources in China say the government there isn’t financing him. I wonder where and how they’re going to continue this project.”

Nevada struck a deal with Faraday Future nearly a year ago that would provide the company with $337 million in incentives, including $175 million in bonds. But now the Treasurer says he refuses to sign any bond until Faraday Future can prove it has the money to back it up.

Schwartz tells KSNV that regular phone conversations between the Treasurer’s office and Faraday Future have been put on hold indefinitely. His harsh criticism doesn’t end there. Schwartz blames the politicians that made the deal with Faraday Future happen.

“I just don’t think [Governor Brian Sandoval] is plugged into what is going on in the State.” says the treasurer. “I think the Governor owes it to the people of this state to tell us what’s going on here,”.

According to the NBC news affiliate, Faraday Future could not be reached for comment but the company did confirm via Twitter that the grand unveiling of its first production car will take place at the upcoming CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

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