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Nissan teases electric Skyline GTR ‘Godzilla’

Credit: Nissan

Nissan has teased an all-new electric conversion of an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR in a video posted on their YouTube channel.

One of the most impressive vehicles that Nissan has ever made was its Skyline coupe, which eventually evolved into the GTR supercar offering the brand sells today. The incredible power Nissan was making with its simple straight-six engines and the otherworldly handling and power application it achieved with its all-wheel-drive system made it a performance car icon and one with a nickname, Godzilla. Now, the Japanese automaker has teased a potential EV conversion kit for the R32 Skyline GTR, which garnered the brand a following in the first place.

The concise teaser video was posted to Nissan’s Japanese YouTube channel earlier this week, showing the rear of the “R32 EV” and hinting at a potential engine sound exhaust system.

Only slightly more information was provided on the site that Nissan linked to the video, which included the inspiration for the project coming from a Nissan engineer who was motivated to bring the R32 into the electric age.

“R32 Skyline GT-R.
Thirty-four years after its debut, a legendary car that continues to fascinate many fans, we at Nissan will produce a concept model of this R32GT-R that has been converted to EV with the latest electrification technology. This challenge came from an engineer who joined the company out of admiration for the GT-R. It started with a thought. Please look forward to the day when a new legend is born.”

While Nissan made it clear that this project focuses on electrifying a classic, many GTR fans also look forward to a fully electric version of the GTR, which Nissan hints at in the message from its website.

Nissan’s R32 EV announcement follows a similar announcement from Toyota. It showed off an all-electric version of the Toyota AE86, hinting at the possibility of an all-electric conversion kit for enthusiasts.

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Nissan teases electric Skyline GTR ‘Godzilla’
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