Ultra-plush Tesla Model X floor mats by Lloyd

What happens when you have two kids with magnetic feet that apparently only attract dirt, and a wife that enjoys kicking off the sandals while riding shotgun in the family Tesla Model X? You end up with a polarizing combination. On one hand we’re looking to protect the factory mats with weather-resistant ones, and on the other hand trading carpet for hard plastic just doesn’t feel right in every sense of the word. Especially considering the luxurious interior of the Model X.

Why nicer mats didn’t come with Tesla’s Premium Upgraded Package is beyond me but luckily there are some aftermarket options available. I’ve heard great things through forum users about Lloyd mats being of great quality so when Tesla accessories vendor EVannex presented the opportunity to test out a complete set of LUXE mats, I couldn’t pass up on the offer.

Lloyd’s LUXE Mats boast a 48 ounce per square yard pile that is so thick, heavy, and soft, they feel like sheepskin slippers. At least that’s what the wife claims. She loves the extra plushness of the LUXE mats. And the kids? Well, they’re just happy with their dirt-magnet feet though the older one seems to realize that these new mats are different and treats them with a little more care.

Tesla Model X Lloyd’s LUXE Mats

The mats are available in three colors, Black/Grey/Parchment, and tailored for both 6 and 7-seat configurations. The LUXE mats can be purchased as a complete set or individually as follows:


While the OEM mats use velcro to secure them in place, the LUXE mats come with carpet fasteners that are intended to anchor the mats to the floor and prevent them from sliding around. And because the Lloyd LUXE mats are a bit wider than the factory mats, the byproduct is additional coverage.

For example, the top left section of the drivers side with LUXE mat extends an additional 10 inches up. Also, the way the OEM 2-3rd row is laid out, it usually kinks in the lower two corners because of the awkward angle of the mats. The LUXE mats, however, eliminate this issue by having separate 2nd and 3rd row mats, each providing ample coverage in its respective area.

Color and Feel

The LUXE Mats are a slightly different shade of black compared to the factory color. Lloyd mats are more plush and have a richer color than their OEM counterparts. The mat has 1/2″ tall Premium 2-Ply Nylon compared to the 1/8” OEM mats. They also have hand-beveled edges to provide a more premium look.

Protection and Care

I decided to forego the option to purchase the “all-weather” floor mat and chose a much more plush and premium mat option. But all is not lost. The LUXE mats have an assortment of features making the mat comparable to rubber mats but without needing to sacrifice aesthetics. The LUXE mats utilize a Scotchguard process that protects from stains and soiling. The multi-layer backing also provides moisture protection so spills wouldn’t pass essentially making these mats waterproof. According to the provided cleaning instructions, the mats can be cleaned using carpet shampoo or dishwashing detergent and water.


Lloyd’s LUXE mats are a great addition to the Model X especially if you plan on extending the premium feel throughout the vehicle. They’re easy to install and carry a warranty for as long as the buyer keeps the Model X.

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