Tesla renames the Model 3 Standard Range Plus to Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive

(Credit: Tesla China)

A recent update to Tesla’s online configurator has effectively renamed the base variant of the company’s most affordable vehicle in its current lineup. As could be seen on Tesla’s official website, the base Model 3 is no longer called the Standard Range Plus. Today, the vehicle is now called the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive. 

The update to the base Model 3’s name was observed by company watchers on social media. In a way, the base Model 3’s name change makes the variants of the all-electric sedan simpler, though it also seems to block any chance of the popular Model 3 Long Range RWD variant from returning. Interestingly enough, the Long Range RWD version was the first variant of the Model 3 that was released to the markets. 

The name change of the base Model 3 seems to be a long time coming. During one of CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter sessions back in January, Tesla supporter @owenshift suggested that Tesla drop the “Standard Range” moniker from its vehicles since the word “standard” tends not to not be appealing to buyers. Elon Musk responded by stating that the suggestion was a “good point.” 

The Model 3 line at it stands today is quite simple, as it just includes one base variant and two Dual-Motor versions. This is a significant reduction from Tesla’s original Model 3 lineup, which stood at a whopping six variants back in March 2019. Back then, the Model 3 line included trims such as the $35,000 Standard Range, the Standard Range Plus, the Mid Range Rear-Wheel-Drive, the Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive, the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive, and the Performance.

The Tesla Model 3 may be steadily getting eclipsed by its crossover sibling, the Model Y, but the vehicle is still quite formidable in its own right. Hertz’s blockbuster order of 100,000 Teslas seems to be primarily comprised of Model 3s, and the vehicle was also recently dubbed as the fastest-selling electric vehicle of all time, with about 24 units being sold every hour. The Model 3 also became the UK’s best-selling car for September 2021. 

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Tesla renames the Model 3 Standard Range Plus to Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive
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