Tesla’s recent job listing reveals creation of dedicated anti-fraud and waste team

Tesla workers on Fremont's assembly line. [Credit: Tesla]

A recent job listing at Tesla’s Careers Page has revealed that the electric car maker is creating a group tasked to battle fraud and avoid waste in its operations. The job opening was posted on the company’s official website on July 19, and syndicated to LinkedIn last week.

The post specifically mentioned that the company was seeking a “Manager, Financial (Anti-Fraud) Analytics & Investigation” who will be leading the new group. Below is an excerpt from the job listing

“Global Fraud Management is a new team established to promote and foster a culture of ethical behavior and to mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse through prevention, investigation, and remediation. In this role, the ideal candidate would work with key stakeholders to build the global fraud strategy for Tesla and develop a world-class fraud prevention, detection, and response team,” the company wrote. 

Tesla is yet to issue a statement about the creation of its anti-fraud and waste team.

The creation of the new team bodes well for the electric car maker. As noted by CNBC, Tesla’s factories have reportedly dealt with waste issues in the past, particularly during high-intensity periods such as the Model 3 ramp and the company’s end-of-quarter delivery initiatives. Musk has been quite clear about his stance on fraud as well, as evidenced by the company’s legal actions against former employee Martin Tripp, who allegedly attempted to sabotage the electric car maker by sending proprietary company information to outside entities and misreporting to the media

And it’s not just Tripp, either. In November 2018, a statement from the Department of Justice revealed that Salil Parulekar, a former Tesla employee, was indicted for allegedly embezzling $9.3 million from the electric car maker by diverting payments from suppliers. Tesla has also filed lawsuits against former employees who were later employed by autonomous driving startup Zoox and Chinese carmaker XPeng over alleged thefts of trade secrets

With a Global Fraud Management team in place, Tesla will hopefully be able to foster a workplace that is more optimized and effective. This could play a notable part in the near future, particularly in the Fremont factory, which is currently being tooled for its highest-volume vehicle to date, the Model Y. Together with other upcoming vehicles such as the Pickup Truck, the Semi, and the new Roadster, the Model Y will require Tesla to operate in a manner that involves far less waste, and preferably avoiding fraud altogether in the process.

Tesla’s recent job listing reveals creation of dedicated anti-fraud and waste team
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