Elon Musk confident Tesla Full Self-Driving will be finished by end of 2022

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the Q4 2021 Earnings Call that he is confident the company’s Full Self-Driving suite will be finished by 2022.

Musk was extremely confident in his prediction, stating he will be “shocked” if Tesla does not complete FSD by the end of the year.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite has been in development for several years and was expected to be “feature complete” several years ago. However, Tesla has come close to solving its puzzle, only lacking a single feature: Autosteer on City Streets. Tesla has opened a Beta program for FSD, which has accumulated over 60,000 active users, according to the company’s Q4 2021 Shareholder Deck.

The Full Self-Driving suite currently costs $12,000 and was increased from its $10,000 on January 17. Tesla baffled many people when it increased the price of the suite without releasing any improvements or new features to the general population of FSD users, not just those included in the Beta program. However, the price increase may be an indication of Musk’s confidence in the FSD suite, which is what many people predicted following the price increase because it came with no general explanation.

Tesla raises Full Self-Driving Capability’s price to $12,000

Musk stated a day after the price increase took place that “People do not yet understand how valuable an autonomous vehicle will be.” Although Musk’s synopsis of the program was priceless, consumers seemed to believe that they wanted to pay for what was available now, and not necessarily the capabilities of the program.

But if Musk’s predictions are correct, skeptics will eat their words. Tesla could finally release a “feature complete” FSD suite, especially considering the CEO’s revelation that the Dojo Supercomputer, which is bound to take the company’s autonomy quest in the right direction, is not needed for FSD to be completed. Instead, Musk hinted toward different plans for Dojo. “If Dojo is competitive, it is the kind of thing we might offer to other companies,” Musk said.

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Elon Musk confident Tesla Full Self-Driving will be finished by end of 2022
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