Tesla debuts Germany’s first operational V4 Supercharger

Credit: Tesla Mag

Tesla has been deploying its first wave of V4 Superchargers around the world over the last few months, and now a site with the upgraded hardware has gone live in Germany for the first time.

A V4 Supercharger station went live in Peine in the state of Lower Saxony late last week, according to a report from the German publication Tesla Mag. The Supercharger can now be seen on Tesla’s website, although it doesn’t yet appear to be clickable at the time of writing.

Some people in the area heard that the V4 Supercharger in Peine had come online as of Friday, and Tesla drivers shared photos of the working chargers over the weekend. The Peine Supercharger also appears to include the contactless payment card reader spotted in the first of the chargers to hit the United Kingdom in August.

The news also coincided with a visit from CEO Elon Musk to Gigafactory Berlin over the weekend, and there was some speculation that his appearance may have been related to the V4 station in Peine going online.

Although the site owner held a ceremonial opening at the charger early last month, attendees couldn’t yet use the charging stalls and Tesla representatives present didn’t share details on why they weren’t yet operational.

Following the ceremony, some reportedly speculated that Tesla was awaiting approval for the V4 equipment, which offers a higher charging capacity than the company’s V3 chargers. The V4 Supercharger offers up to 350 kW of charging capacity, while Tesla’s more-common V3 chargers can provide up to 250 kW.

Tesla has also built another V4 Supercharger in Germany that’s located at its Gigafactory in Grünheide. However, this charger does not yet appear on the company’s Supercharger map, and Tesla Mag reported that it was still inactive as of Monday morning.

Other V4 Superchargers have also been spotted in the Netherlands, Italy, Hong Kong and the U.S. in recent months, with the upgraded chargers having been built in the Netherlands as early as March of this year.

In September, we also reported that Tesla landed €149 million in funding from the European Union to deploy more than 7,000 of the V4 Superchargers across the continent.

Tesla lands EU funding for V4 Supercharger installations and expansions

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Tesla debuts Germany’s first operational V4 Supercharger
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