Concept image of a Tesla mobile app accessing Sentry Mode footage

Tesla Mobile App will finally get 2 Factor Authentication

Concept image of a Tesla mobile app accessing Sentry Mode footage (Photo: Teslarati)

It appears that the long wait for the Tesla mobile app’s 2-factor authentication feature is about to end, with CEO Elon Musk stating that the additional security layer is “coming soon.” Once rolled out, 2-factor authentication can help make the Tesla ownership experience even more secure, giving owners more peace of mind.

It remains to be seen how Tesla intends to adopt and utilize 2-factor authentication to its mobile app, though members of the electric vehicle community have shared suggestions to Elon Musk. Some suggested the use of text codes, or the use of features like FaceID, as an additional form of authentication.

The use of 2-factor authentication when accessing the Tesla mobile app will provide a significant security boost to electric vehicle owners. The Tesla mobile app, after all, is responsible for numerous vehicle functions, from heating the cabin to opening the frunk. More features are continuously being added through updates, too, such as the ability to set speed limits from the mobile app.

One can assume that the coming years will see even more features being introduced to the Tesla mobile app. With the advent of the Robotaxi fleet, for example, Tesla would likely include features related to the service, such as the status of a specific vehicle and its current route. Information such as this is sensitive, and it’s best to keep them as secure as possible. Two-factor authentication is simply a great way to accomplish this.

The adoption of 2-factor authentication has been long requested by members of the electric vehicle community, especially since the security feature has gained popularity and widespread use in the tech industry. Requests for the feature have been around for some time, making Elon Musk’s recent Twitter response a very welcome update.

Teslas are more like computers on wheels than they are traditional automobiles. Being computers, the company’s electric cars are fitted with the best and most secure automotive tech available. The same must be true with the electric car maker’s mobile app, which is incredibly important to the overall Tesla ownership experience.

Tesla Mobile App will finally get 2 Factor Authentication
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