Tesla Model 3 takes Edmunds’ Best EV award for second-straight year

Credit: Edmunds

The Tesla Model 3 has claimed Edmund’s Top Rated 2021 award for Best Electric Vehicle. It marks the second-consecutive year the all-electric sedan has claimed the honor of being the best EV on the market.

Edmunds announced that the Model 3 had won the award on December 16th, stating that Tesla’s most-affordable car had once again impressed the team and had proven itself as the best electric car available to consumers.

“More EVs have come out for 2021, yet no other manufacturer to date has been able to match the all-around excellence of the Tesla Model 3,” Edmunds wrote about Tesla’s most affordable vehicle.

Paired with affordable pricing points, the Model 3’s big claim to fame in Edmunds’ perspective is its performance specifications. It’s instant torque from the all-electric powertrain, combined with “nimble handling and impressive practicality,” is enough to win over consumers, and it has. The Model 3 has been Tesla’s most popular car since its initial release in 2017. In 2020, three years later, it has continued this trend and has been the automaker’s claim to fame in an ever-changing automotive market. Tesla even “refreshed” the car this year, adding a more efficient heat pump and refining some of the interior features.

Additionally, the sedan’s cosmetic features have revolutionized the overall appeal of what is accepted in the industry. A minimalistic interior, void of the typical knobs and buttons that traditional car interiors are consumed by, is dominated by the large, centrally-located touchscreen, which houses GPS capabilities, and what seems like an endless number of infotainment features.

Tesla’s clean exterior and minimalist interior are now preferred by luxury buyers

But, as the old saying goes, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Even if someone did not like the look of the Model 3, they certainly couldn’t ignore the highly-attractive range ratings and widely-available Supercharging network that Tesla offers owners. Tesla’s introductory Model 3 variant offers 263 miles of driving capability on a single charge. In comparison, the Long Range configuration gives owners 353 miles of traveling after plugging in until the battery pack reaches its 100% capacity. Where many EV makers fall short is in the focus of range. Performance is important, but with charging points hard to come by with other manufacturers, Tesla holds a significant advantage as the company offers over 20,000 Supercharging locations globally.

Perhaps the most impressive feat of the Model 3 thus far is its ability to fend off a quickly-growing EV market that established automakers are just now entering. While there is no indication of whether the Model 3 will hold the top spot in 2021 because of more competition heading into the market, Tesla’s tech advantage and access to extremely convenient Over-the-Air updates give some indication that the three-peat is certainly within reach.

“In the next couple of years, we’ll see more and more competition from big-name brands such as Volkswagen, but for now at least, the Tesla Model 3 remains unbeatable,” Edmunds said.

Edmunds’ full list of 2021 Top Rated Award Winners is available here.

Tesla Model 3 takes Edmunds’ Best EV award for second-straight year
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