Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus becomes even more competitive in China

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Tesla just made the Model 3 Standard Range Plus more competitive in China. As per a recent announcement on its official Weibo account, Tesla China revealed that the entry-level, locally-made all-electric sedan is receiving a price cut of RMB 15,000. This would make the vehicle cost about RMB 235,900 after incentives are applied. 

“Effective immediately, the price of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus has been reduced by RMB 15,000 to an adjusted price of RMB 235,900 (this is the starting price after subsidies). This price adjustment reflects the reality of cost fluctuations. Tesla adheres to the principle of open and transparent pricing and will continue to bring you a better quality product and experience,” Tesla wrote on its official Weibo page.  

Credit: Tesla China/Weibo

The price adjustment for the Made-in-China Model 3 Standard Range Plus was highly anticipated by industry-watchers, especially after Tesla launched the locally-made Model Y Standard Range with a starting price of RMB 276,000. With a lower starting price, car buyers who are more budget-conscious would likely find the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 a compelling option even with the Model Y Standard Range being available on the market. 

Tesla China cited cost fluctuations as a driver for its recent Model 3 Standard Range Plus price adjustment. While this is true, a bigger price gap between the base Model 3 and the entry-level Model Y would likely be beneficial for Tesla China. Doing so would likely help avoid a scenario where the MiC Model Y ends up eating into the sales of the locally-made Model 3, for example. 

The Model 3 Standard Range’s updated pricing in China seems to be received well so far, with the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) Secretary-General stating that the price cut shows that Tesla’s supply chain is getting stronger. This would be a key advantage for Tesla as it attempts to break into China’s greater auto market, which is populated by hyper-affordable cars that are sold en masse. 

Fortunately, Tesla has plans to enter the more affordable EV market in China, with previous reports suggesting that the company is now preparing a $25,000 electric car for the local segment. This vehicle, which is yet to be unveiled, is reportedly built on the Model 3 chassis and is designed to be exported to other countries as well. Such a strategy seems to be hinted at in Tesla’s Q2 2021 Update Letter when the company confirmed that Gigafactory Shanghai is now its primary vehicle export hub

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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus becomes even more competitive in China
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