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Tesla Model S Wheel Protector “Rimblades” Review

Rimblades alloy wheel protectors offer curb damage protection and unrivaled looks for your Tesla Model S factory and aftermarket wheels.

Unlike other alloy rim protectors on the market, the UK manufactured Rimblade can be applied directly onto the Tesla Model S wheel without having to remove it from the vehicle. Each Rimblade is made from a flexible polymer and contains a self-adhesive backing that adheres to any Tesla Model S wheel up to 22″.

Its unique design alleviates the need to lift the car, dismount the wheel, deflate the tire, and install clips that may interfere with the tire’s bead seat, saving you cost without compromising the safety and performance of the Tesla Model S wheel and tire.

Sounds too good to be true?  We set out to find the answer.

Rimblades courtesy of US distributor, GoBadges

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The Rimblades come packaged in a 9″ x “8” stylish box and contains the following components:

  • 4 x Rimblades (up to 22″ wheel ea.)
  • 4 x 3M VHB Wipes (alcohol based cleaning wipes)
  • 4 x PR100 Primer Wipes

Rimblades are manufactured out of a tough, abrasion resistant and lightweight polymer in a universal size that adheres to any alloy wheel size up to 22”.

List price: $64.99



The main value that the Rimblade Tesla Model S wheel protector provides over its competition is the ease in which the product can be applied.  The installation is a fairly simple and quick multi-step process that any DIY’er can handle within an hour and a half of time.

Step 1
Wash & dry wheels. This is by far the most important step in the entire process since any residue or silicone based product left on the wheels will prevent Rimblade adhesion.

Step 2
We used the 3M alcohol (IPA) wipes provided to remove any remaining dirt & grease from the surface edge of the wheel.  Ensure that the crevice between the wheel’s edge and surface are thoroughly cleaned.

Tip: The kit contains only 1 wipe per wheel so be sure to use it sparingly.

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Installation 3M IPA Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Installation 3M IPA Wipe

Step 3
Using the primer wipes provided, which again is 1 per wheel, we coated the rim surface where the Rimblade will attach to the wheel.  The recommended drying time for the primer is between 1 to 5 minutes depending on air temperature.  Cooler environments may take longer for the primer to dry.

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Installation Primer Wipe Rimblades-Tesla-Wheel-Apply-Primer-Wipe

Step 4
Apply the Rimblades to the wheels using both hands. We peeled back approximately 6″ of backing tape to start and then used both hands to track and push the Rimblades onto the rim while providing firm and equal pressure.  Continue to peel off another 6″ of adhesive backing tape and repeat the same process from above.

Tip: If repositioning of the Rimblades is required during fitment, lift it off slowly from the surface of the wheel so that the adhesive material stays attached to the Rimblade.

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector 3M Adhesive Back Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector 3M Adhesive Back

Step 5
Overlap the ends and carefully mark and cut where the two ends meet. We recommend that you use a pencil or thin Sharpie to mark the
top and bottom sides where the Rimblade will need to be cut.

Tip: Office scissors will not be sturdy enough for a precision cut.  Instead we chose a pair of kitchen shears, which worked out nicely.

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Installation Ends Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Installation

Final Step

Apply consistent equal pressure around the circumference of all four Rimblades using a damp cloth or rag.  Be sure to clean up any remaining primer residue that’s been left on the wheel’s surface.


  • 50% tape bond is reached after 20 minutes
  • 90% tape bond is reached after 24 hours
  • 100% tape bond is reached after 1 week.
  • Do not exceed 40 mph in first 24 hours after fitting
  • During cold weather, these times are extended, but the tape is designed to be fitted in cold conditions.

Style vs. Function

With a price tag of $4,500+ USD for the factory Tesla Model S 21″ wheels, and upwards of $10,000 USD for premium Tesla aftermarket wheels, investing in a set of alloy wheel protectors is a must.

That being said, we’re not quite sure how well the flexible polymer material of the Rimblade would actually hold up to curb rash given its thin composition and low profile. We also question the durability of the adhesive backing material over time, especially as road debris, oil and rain start seeping into the crevices.  The high gloss coating on the Tesla Model S 21″ Turbine wheels may also limit adhesion of the Rimblade.

Despite these concerns, one thing that can’t be disputed is the fact that Rimblades are stunning to look at.  They give the illusion of a much larger wheel while providing a Ferrari’esque Super Car look for less than $20 per wheel – installed!

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Front

Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Rimblade


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Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Side Profile

Rimblade Tesla Model S Wheel Protector Rear Wheel



For a mere $64.99 Rimblades carried by is a bargain.

While it may not offer the greatest protection from severe curb damage, we feel that the lightweight polymer material (hard to the touch) is capable of withstanding minor curb abrasions (i.e. parallel parking) assuming the adhesive material stays intact overtime.  If you’re looking for style with the added benefit of having basic curb protection, then the Rimblade is the way to go.

The Rimblade comes in a variety of colors and makes for a great visual complement to any Tesla Model S wheel.  Its hassle-free and DIY install approach, along with its affordable price point, certainly makes it an attractive bargain for a fast solution.

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Tesla Model S Wheel Protector “Rimblades” Review
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