Tesla Model X owners will soon get quicker operating Falcon Wing doors

Tesla has a penchant for making everything quicker. Recent advancements in its 100 kWh battery pack have made the Model S P100D become the quickest accelerating volume production car ever produced, capable of outrunning a Lamborghini Huracan in a heads up drag race. Also becoming quicker is the company’s two and a half ton – heavy enough to qualify for the ‘Hummer tax loophole’ – Model X crossover SUV. New buyers of the Model X P100D and existing owners choosing to upgrade their Ludicrous P90D to the 100 kWh battery pack will enter an echelon previously only held by supercars: 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. However, that isn’t the only thing that’s getting quicker on the Model X.

Operation of the Model X Falcon Wing doors will soon get quicker after Tesla chief Elon Musk announced that Version 8.0 will see a worldwide rollout this week to Model X owners. This includes updates to address speed of operation for its flashy dual-hinged door.

The recent Version 8.0 over-the-air rollout that went primarily to Model S owners put a heavy spotlight on Autopilot’s new ability to see two cars ahead amongst a host of user experience improvements, but in the shadows are notable Model X specific updates aimed at improving the vehicle’s self-presenting front door and Falcon Wing door.

According to notes published on the company’s website for Version 8.0, Model X doors will receive the following update:

  • Improved Auto Front Door functionality (Model X only)
  • Falcon Wing doors open and close more quickly (Model X only)

Tesla has been incrementally improving the safety and reliability of its high-tech doors through firmware upgrades, and it would appear that the latest Version 8.0 update is aimed at curbing owner complaints over slow opening and closing Falcon Wing doors. Model X owners across forums and social media have vocalized concerns that unreliability combined with slow operating Falcon Wing doors make it no better than traditional minivan doors.

Check out the following video from YouTube channel MEtv Product Reviews who set up a grudge match between the Tesla’s Model X Falcon Wing door versus a Kia Sedona minivan’s sliding door. Note: this is based on previous Version 7.1 so it’ll be interesting to see how much quicker the Falcon Wing doors will be in 8.0.

Wishful thinking has us saying that we’ll eventually get a Model X ‘Holiday Light Show’ easter egg. Right?

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