Tesla FSD Beta testers’ strikes for forced disengagement counts get reset

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Tesla FSD Beta testers did not just receive the latest iteration of the electric vehicle maker’s advanced driver-assist system with update v10.69.1 — they also received a much-welcomed strike reset for forced disengagement. This should allow Tesla’s FSD Beta testers to start with a clean slate as they use the system’s newest and possibly best version to date. 

Drivers who participate in the FSD Beta program are required to be attentive and ready to take over at any time. With this in mind, Tesla implemented a strike system that results in drivers losing access to FSD Beta if they are found to be using the system without paying enough attention to the road. Tesla initially gave drivers three strikes before they were suspended from the program, but this was later expanded to five strikes. 

Tesla highlighted in v10.69.1’s Release Notes that while FSD Beta testers’ strikes have been reset, cautious driving must still be practiced at all times. This is sound advice from the EV maker, especially considering the level of scrutiny that FSD Beta and Tesla are constantly subjected to. 

Following are the Release Notes for FSD Beta’s strikes reset. 

Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension

We have reset the “Forced Autopilot Disengagements” counter on your vehicle to 0.

For maximum safety and accountability, use of Full Self-Driving (Beta) will be suspended if improper usage is detected. Improper usage is when you or another driver of your vehicle receive five ‘Forced Autopilot Disengagements’. A disengagement is when the Autopilot system disengages for the remainder of a trip after the driver receives several audio and visual warnings for inattentiveness. 

Driver-initiated disengagements do not count as improper usage and are expected from the driver. Keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times. Use of any hand-held devices while using Autopilot is not allowed.

This is not the first time that Tesla has reset its FSD Beta testers’ strikes. As noted by Not A Tesla App, the electric vehicle maker also reset the number of strikes for FSD Beta participants back in January with the release of v10.8.1. This was also the time when Tesla increased the number of strikes that users were allowed before they were suspended from the program, from three strikes to five. 

Watch an initial drive of FSD Beta 10.69.1 in the video below. 

Tesla FSD Beta testers’ strikes for forced disengagement counts get reset
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