Tesla launches more Superchargers in China to supplement growing demand

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Tesla announced that it officially added 40 new Supercharger stations in China in August, adding 168 individual Superchargers to the country’s infrastructure of Tesla-specific electric vehicle chargers. The announcement comes as an addition to the automaker’s main accomplishment of completing capacity expansion projects at its vehicle production factory in Shanghai, which has pushed wait times for Tesla EVs in China to the shortest timeframes in several years.

Tesla made the announcement on Saturday via its Weibo account, which it uses for social media interaction in China. “Tesla added 40 Supercharging stations and 168 Supercharging piles in August in 25 cities/counties across the country, summer to autumn. Follow Tesla’s charging network and set off freely together,” the automaker said in the post.

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Listing each country in an extensive graphic, Tesla added between three and nine Supercharging piles at each project. Most of the Supercharging stations received just three new Supercharging piles, but every Supercharger installed in China in August was a V3, the company’s most advanced released technology for charging its cars.

The automaker has experienced a considerable level of success since first delivering vehicles built at the Giga Shanghai factory in early 2020. Tesla has surged to become one of the best-selling automakers in China, with the Model Y being the current most popular vehicle for the company. It has struggled to keep up with some of the highly-competitive Chinese automakers like BYD, and the General Motors-SAIC-Wuling conglomeration, which has yielded one of the best-selling EVs in China over the past several years: the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV.

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Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Nonetheless, Tesla has utilized Giga Shanghai as a factory for both Chinese and foreign customers as it exports some of the vehicles produced at the factory to the European market. The increase in Supercharging stations in China currently supplements the increase in vehicles Tesla has in China as the automaker continues to celebrate strong sales figures each month. In August, Tesla delivered 76,965 vehicles in China, according to government data. It was Tesla’s second-best sales month in 2022, following only June when it sold 78,906 cars.

Combined with the increased demand for company vehicles and the increased production expansion at Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla is also reducing wait times for its Model 3 and Model Y in China. Delivery projections for some vehicles, like the base Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive, are listed as low as just one week. While the Model 3’s Rear-Wheel-Drive and Performance trim levels are listed at a longer 6-10 week wait, this is a major adjustment from the previously-listed 12-16 week estimations Tesla listed on their site prior to September 7, when the delivery times were officially adjusted.

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Tesla launches more Superchargers in China to supplement growing demand
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