Tesla Sweden is not permitted to pick up new license plates from Postnord

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Sweden suffered a loss at the court of appeals recently, which ruled that the Texas-based automaker cannot pick up new car license plates from courier Postnord. 

“During its review, the Court of Appeal has had no reason to consider questions related to the right to strike or other labor law issues,” says Court of Appeal Councilor Ulrik Lönnmyr.

The Norrköping District Court initially permitted Tesla to temporarily pick up new car license plates directly from the manufacturer. However, the Transport Agency appealed the decision. The Göta Court of Appeal overturned the Norrköping District Court’s decision. 

Tesla and buyers found a loophole, allowing customers to receive license plates directly. Once Tesla buyers sign a purchase agreement or lease, they become the car’s owner. As owners, Tesla may order and send the license plates directly to the customer’s home.

Despite the loophole, Tesla Sweden still needs help to get license plates for car deliveries that customers expect to receive. The automaker claimed that 1,000 license plates were missing. Postnord and the Swedish Transport Agency have yet to offer any solutions.

Postnord joined IF Metall’s strike against Tesla after Seko announced its support for the Swedish union. Postnord’s sympathy strike with IF Metall affected Tesla’s license plate deliveries for new electric vehicles. The Swedish Transport Agency, which issues the license plates, refuses to change couriers, citing that it has a deal with Postnord for its packages. 

The license plate issue came to a head, leading Tesla to file a lawsuit against Postnord and the Swedish Transport Agency.

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Tesla Sweden is not permitted to pick up new license plates from Postnord
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