Tesla Sweden strikes ease as IF Metall lets most repairs continue

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Tesla-certified repair shops in Sweden will now be able to start repairing cars again starting this week, after being largely put out of service due to sympathy strikes lodged by union IF Metall.

Although work on heavily damaged Tesla vehicles was previously exempted from the strikes during a period running through Tuesday, IF Metall has said that it will ease the strikes on Tesla-certified service shops starting on Wednesday, according to a report from Swedish outlet Allt Om Elbil. The decision was detailed in an email in which the union said it would lift the block on all Tesla vehicle repairs, with just a few exceptions.

“Blockage for service work still applies to cars owned by Tesla, cars with transport damage and cars covered by factory warranty,” IF Metall wrote in the email. “Otherwise, service can be performed on Tesla cars.”

IF Metall gets a letter to withdraw sympathy measures in the Tesla Sweden strike

During the previous agreement, which ran from February 19 to April 30, IF Metall didn’t allow the repair of any vehicles that were still drivable, with around 80 damage and body shops thought to have been a part of the sympathy strike. Still, IF Metall is holding out on other forms of sympathy strikes in hopes of getting Tesla to sign a collective bargaining agreement, which the union says most companies in Sweden willingly join.

Despite the strikes, which have gone on since October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said he thought “the storm has passed on that front” when asked about the ongoing strikes in Sweden. Last month, it surfaced that Tesla Sweden had still seen a 142 percent increase in February sales year over year, with the Model Y going on to become the country’s most-registered vehicle in March.

Tesla Sweden also spoke out against the strikes last month, after IF Metall used a number of tactics against the automaker in the preceding months. These tactics have included the withholding of license plates, blocking Tesla shipments at ports, and preventing new Superchargers from connecting to the grid.

The news also comes amidst heightened union activity in the U.S., where the United Automotive Workers (UAW) last fall garnered record pay increases through historic strikes against Ford, General Motors (GM), and Dodge-Chrysler parent company Stellantis. Following the strikes, the UAW officially announced union campaigns at Tesla and 12 other automakers with U.S. facilities.

Additionally, Tesla has laid off between 10 and 20 percent of workers globally over the past few weeks, along with multiple high-profile executive departures. On Tuesday, the company laid off its Supercharging division, including two executives and their entire teams.

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Tesla Sweden strikes ease as IF Metall lets most repairs continue
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