Tesla, you’ve trapped me with the old ‘bait and switch’

All of us Tesla owners out there are falling prey to the oldest trick in the book. Tesla keeps pulling fast ones on us so why aren’t we up in arms about it? 

We order oursleves a Model S 60D, only to find out that it’s really a 75 kWh battery. How dare they? And to add insult to injury, Tesla has the audacity to make the extra capacity ‘unlockable’ at any point in the future for an appropriate cost. Vicious animals, I tell you.

How about this Autopilot feature we’ve opted for? We think we’re just buying into an advanced driver’s assist function on the open road, then it turns out Tesla adds the ability to summon the vehicle from or into tight spaces without being inside the car. That just makes me sick. We never asked for that. What makes them think that it’s okay to sell us a feature that gives us more options over time?

What’s next? Are we going to find out one day that we can suddenly misplace our keys in a time of haste and still drive off with nothing in our pocket but our phone? Wait, that happened years ago? How long has this nonsense been going on!? Why hasn’t anyone attempted to stop it?

Perhaps it’s because when Tesla does a ‘bait and switch’ we actually end up with something better than promised. 

Aside from Tesla, when we’re buying a new car, we know we’re going to get exactly what we see at the time of purchase. The car will never gain new abilities or features. The interface will never change or improve. We’re most definitely not going to be secretly holding more range capacity than what we pay for. 

Tesla is setting brand new standards and expectations for vehicle ownership and use. In fact, I suspect that some people feel that their other cars are starting to age faster in comparison. Not only that, there is also a new sense of entrapment with other cars. 

We’ve grown accustomed to digital updates and new features on old devices from the computer industry. Tesla is the only car maker to recognize the desire for this in the auto industry and make it possible.



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