Tesla continues stratospheric run as FSD, AI take main focus

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Tesla shares (NASDAQ: TSLA) are up once again today in early trading hours, and one firm is sharing what it feels is most important to investors as the automaker is on pace for its tenth straight day of gains on the market.

Tesla stock is up over 18 percent in the past five days and up nearly 49 percent in the past month, officially reversing the losses it felt in the early portion of the year.

Now, firms are preparing to factor in what investors want to know and see as the stock continues to push itself upward in preparation for potentially one of the most groundbreaking quarters in Tesla’s history.

Where Investors are Focused

According to analysts at Oppenheimer, Tesla investors are now shifting their attention and focus to AI and Full Self-Driving (FSD) as Robotaxi unveiling day on August 8 is coming closer.

“We believe the value of its FSD/AI platform is the key to whether shares will continue moving higher or begin to moderate again,” the analysts said, while also recognizing that bears of Tesla stock remain focused on margins and valuation, which they believe is overblown and inflated.

Tesla has a serious chance to move higher if it can unveil something groundbreaking on August 8. The thing is, it will likely show off a new vehicle design for Robotaxi that is built upon its next-gen platform, but it will also need to execute in terms of FSD and autonomous driving development.

This is where questions can come into play because nobody is certain as to when Tesla will be able to achieve full autonomy.

Other Factors

Although less impactful than the Robotaxi and FSD developments, Tesla could also see additional gains from the “Model 2” and its above-expectation delivery numbers for Q2, which helped the stock gain significant value last week.

Tesla reports Q2 delivery and production figures, beating estimates

Of course, more details will be spilled during Tesla’s Q2 Earnings Call, which is scheduled for July 23rd.

Tesla shares are up 2.36 percent as of 11:45 a.m. on the East Coast. Shares were trading at $258.90.

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Tesla continues stratospheric run as FSD, AI take main focus
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