Apps Optimized for the Tesla Web Browser

Everyone knows by now that the Tesla Model S turned the automotive infotainment industry onto its head when it launched a never-before-seen 17″ touchscreen display with its own built-in web browser. The Tesla web browser provides in-car surfing using 3G mobile internet through an agreement reached with AT&T as the service provider.

But with all this greatness, surfing and overall web browsing performance in the Model S is limited to the capabilities of over-the-air bandwidth. The Tesla web browser, a modified and stripped down variant of Apple’s Safari web browser engine, is also notoriously slow when it comes to loading websites, deeming it by many owners as virtually unusable.

This inspired some of our development gurus to take on the engineering challenge of optimizing the entire site to cater to the Tesla Web Browser. Net result, 400% faster than before but overall 700% to as much as 1000% faster than other sites of our caliber. designed specifically for the Tesla Web Browser

  • Tesla-Browser-Optimized-Loading400+% faster than before! What are you waiting for? Head to your car now and give it a try! Try reading the rest of this story directly from the Tesla web browser to experience it for yourself.
  • 7 – 10x FASTER than other web sites of comparable content volume.
  • Smoother pinch zoom: we’ve thought about increasing the font size to make in-car reading easier, but for now we’ve kept it the same (in the interest of reducing the need to scroll) and sped up pinch to zoom.
  • Less scrolling: we’ve tried to find a great balance between content volume and scrolling, so we’ve significantly reduced the need to scroll wherever possible.
  • Less clutter, faster response: it’s subtle and you may not even notice it at all but has a different layout optimized specifically for the Tesla Web Browser.
  • Coming soon!
    • Podcasts!!
    • Faster loading for our overseas visitors.
    • Further streamlining of the site layout for the Tesla Web Browser
  • Support:
    • We’ve worked hard at bringing the Model S driver (and passengers) the best possible viewing experience directly from the in-car Tesla browser. Whether it’s checking news each morning before heading to work, or reading us while charging up, or during a long road trip, we hope you’ll enjoy the experience! A simple Favorite of within the Tesla web browser will validate that we’re succeeding.

As always, we want to hear your feedback because that’s the only way we can improve. Good or bad, let us know what your thoughts are by emailing 

– TEAM TESLARATI Optimized for the Tesla Web Browser
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