Tesla begins roll out of V10 software with several surprise convenience features

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Tesla’s V10 software update rolled out for non-EAP members on the morning of September 26 and included exciting new convenience features on the Mobile App. The update is available to all U.S. Tesla owners with FSD and “advanced download” selected in the vehicle’s software settings, according to CEO Elon Musk.

The V10 update has been heavily focused on entertainment options, and while the mobile app will support this idea, it will now include additional features that will create even more ease of access and convenience for owners.

The new mobile app will feature a garage door button that will work with HomeLink compatible doors. These will allow an owner to open and close it as they please, creating more flexibility for Tesla owners by letting them to open their garage without having a separate, third-party remote. It will require the car to have a HomeLink connection programmed.

Tesla owners who live in cold climates will now be able to “thaw” their vehicles by enabling a new “Max Defrost” feature. Once this feature is turned on, the cabin’s climate control and defrost temperatures will be set to maximum heat, so you will never have to get into a cold car again!

Another great feature that allows for additional convenience is the new window close/vent button. Owners will now have the capability to close and crack windows. This could be beneficial for those who are caught in a surprise rain or thunderstorm and are inside of a shop or store. Instead of having to run out to your car in the rain, you will now be able to completely shut your vehicle’s windows from your phone. This feature could also increase the longevity and quality of the interior, as it could prevent damage from rain and snow.

Entertainment was certainly a big focus for the V10 update, especially with the additions of Caraoke and Cuphead – Tesla Edition. But Theater Mode was especially huge as it will allow owners to utilize their Tesla’s large screen, surround sound system and comfortable seats to watch a movie or video in their car. This will certainly rival that of a traditional movie theater experience. But the Mobile App will now allow for even more ease and convenience when using this feature, as you will now be able to send supported video sources to the Tesla Theater for use later on.

In order to use any of these features, owners will have to have the 3.10.0 version of the Tesla Mobile App downloaded.

The addition of all these features will allow for even more convenience for Tesla owners. Tesla has already included additions like “Joe Mode” for parents and “Smart Summon”, but the company continues to make life easier for those who own its vehicles, and it remains to be seen what the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer will add next.

Tesla begins roll out of V10 software with several surprise convenience features
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