Toyota owners are running to EVs faster than anyone

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Data released by Carmax shows that Toyota owners are trading their vehicles for EVs more than owners of any other brand.

Perhaps more than other traditional brands, Toyota has garnered a reputation for reliability and “eco-friendliness” ever since it introduced its now incredibly successful Prius hybrid. Since then, the brand has become dedicated to hybrid technology more than any other automaker, but this has come at the detriment of full EVs, which the Japanese auto giant has yet to fully accept and introduce. According to Carmax’s report, Toyota owners are trading for EVs more than owners of any other brand.

According to the new report from Carmax, initially reported by Jalopnik, Toyota owners represent a record 12% of customers trading from ICE to EV. This is the second consecutive year Toyota has held the position, followed closely by Ford and BMW in second place at 8% and Honda at 7% of customers.

Carmax also provides data regarding the vehicles these customers are buying, and unsurprisingly, that list is dominated by America’s favorite EV brand, Tesla. The most commonly traded for EV is the Tesla Model 3, followed by the Tesla Model Y, Nissan Leaf, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Chevy Bolt.

Looking more specifically at the most popular EV, the Tesla Model 3, the most common traded-in vehicle is the Honda Civic, while the second most common is the Toyota Tacoma. As for the most popular non-Tesla EV, the Nissan Leaf, the most commonly traded-in vehicle is the Toyota Prius.

It’s unsurprising that American Toyota customers are leading the switch to EVs. This revelation was first revealed last year, showing that both Toyota and Honda owners are leading the migration to Tesla’s offerings.

While neither the earlier report nor Carmax included an analysis about why these customers, in particular, are attracted to electric offerings, there are a couple of factors that are likely influencing the decision. Foremost, as mentioned above, Toyota has grown a substantial following of those looking to purchase environmentally friendly vehicles, which is a segment of car buyers which are switching to electric at a record rate. But only furthering this problem for both previously mentioned Japanese brands, they lack EV offerings that customers could choose from, allowing them to stay with the brand.

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Toyota owners are running to EVs faster than anyone
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