Xiaomi SU7 faces its next biggest hurdles after record pre-orders

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The Xiaomi SU7 now faces its next biggest hurdles after record pre-orders: production and delivery.

Last week, the Xiaomi SU7 set a record, with 88,898 pre-orders placed within 24 hours of opening the order banks. According to SU7 reservation holders, Xiaomi has informed buyers that the Max trim will be delivered in 27 weeks or around six to seven months. Xiaomi SU7 pre-order holders shared screenshots of their delivery estimations from the Chinese company on local social media platforms. 

Waiting six to seven months for a new electric vehicle might not be so long, especially compared with some estimated delivery times in the United States. A few reservation holders from US-based EV companies have waited for their orders for years. 

Some might say that the delivery estimate for the Xiaomi SU7 is actually impressive, considering the company unveiled its first EV design just a few months ago, in December 2023. However, Xiaomi didn’t rush its entrance into the EV market. The Chinese smartphone company turned automaker didn’t just design a vehicle; it also thought of a path to production and delivery. 

Xiaomi turned to state-owned BAIC Group to manufacture the SU7. BAIC Group has a plant in Beijing that has the capacity to produce up to 200,000 vehicles a year. Xiaomi also entered into a joint venture with CATL and BAIC to build an intelligent battery cell plant in Beijing. Based on its partnerships, Xiaomi is fully prepared to produce and deliver the SU7 to reservation holders.

Xiaomi offers three SU7 trims: Standard, which starts at RMB 215,900 (~$29,900); the Pro, priced at RMB 245,900 (~$34,00); and the Max, starting at RMB 299,900 (~$41,500). The SU7 has a minimum range estimate of 700 km (435 miles), beating the Tesla Model 3’s range estimate of 567 km (352 miles). Xiaomi’s electric vehicle is also competitively priced against the Tesla Model 3

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Xiaomi SU7 faces its next biggest hurdles after record pre-orders
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