2022 Tesla Model Y price in Australia leaked: report

Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

The 2022 Tesla Model Y’s prices in Australia were reportedly released to corporate and industry customers recently.

According to Chasing Cars, the 2022 Tesla Model Y will start at AUD$67,990 (USD$51,536.74) for the single-motor RWD variant, before on-road costs in Australia. Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance will be priced at AUD$98,172 (USD$74,414.84).

Tesla will also sell the Model Y dual-motor Long Range variant in Australia. However, the Model Y Long Range’s price has not been confirmed yet.

A glance through Tesla’s order page in Australia reveals it has not officially announced the prices or delivery dates for the Tesla Model Y in the country. The website merely states “Stay Updated,” and there are no options to order a Model Y unit yet.

The Model Y units sold in Australia will likely come from Tesla Giga Shanghai. Tesla’s factory in China was shut down in the last week of the first quarter due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Giga Shanghai may be back in operation by April 11.

The Model Y is fast becoming Tesla’s best-selling vehicle, having surpassed its best-selling sibling, the Model 3, in several key markets. The Model Y’s importance to Tesla’s long-term strategy is highlighted by the fact that the company’s new electric vehicle production facilities — Giga Berlin and Giga Texas — are starting their operations with the production of the all-electric crossover.

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2022 Tesla Model Y price in Australia leaked: report
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