With only days before initial testing, the Formula E grid is finalized

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Formula E has finalized its grid of participating teams, including three new participating automakers.

Despite the departure of notable teams, including Mercedes and BMW, as Formula E begins its 9th season with its new third-generation car, it has also attracted three new brands, including Cupra (VW Group’s Spanish sub-brand), Maserati, and McLaren. Along with these new teams, Formula E is introducing a revamped racing system, new locations, and new technology.

Season 9 will be a massive season for Formula E. Most importantly, the motorsport has finally upgraded its racecar and promises an exciting viewing experience. The new car produces 470 horsepower, weighs just 1,700 pounds (including the driver), is capable of 200mph, and even uses a dual motor setup to capture up to 600kW when breaking. The gen. 3 car is also far smaller, allowing more space on the track and more competitive racing. The new racecar will finally be on full display as Formula E starts live testing in Valencia, Spain, just three days from now.


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The new car also comes with a far more aggressive look that teams have taken advantage of as they reveal their upcoming liveries:

Some of the other noticeable changes will be coming to the races themselves. Not only is Formula E coming to a couple of new locations, including Portland, Oregon, Mexico City, Mexico, and Sao Palo, Brazil, but the race structure has been altered. No longer will races be 45min plus one lap, but it will return to the more traditional “number of laps” system.

Other notable changes include “attack charge,” which will be introduced at races later in the season, whereby teams will have the chance to charge their vehicles using 600kW charging for 30 seconds. At the same time, the ever-controversial “fan boost” has been cut, meaning fans will no longer be able to vote to boost their chosen drivers during the race. Finally, rookie drivers will be getting extra attention as each team will be required to provide practice time to drivers who have never participated in the championship previously.

These improvements come on the heels of Formula E’s incredible viewership success in its 8th season of racing. During which, the series garnered record viewership; in person, online, and on TV.

The pace of technical and racing improvement is something of a marvel. For fans of Formula 1 and NASCAR, the rate of Formula E’s changes and improvements to the car are unmatched. Hopefully, the motorsport can continue to improve in the coming year as it looks to build off an incredibly successful 8th season of racing.

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With only days before initial testing, the Formula E grid is finalized
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