Lucid Air Dream Edition gets an in-depth review and speedy test drive at the hands of Jay Leno

Credit: Jay Leno's Garage | YouTube

Automotive enthusiast Jay Leno is one of the most knowledgeable celebrities in the world when it comes to cars. In recent years, Leno has gotten his hands on some of the best and most exciting vehicles to enter the electric sector, including the Tesla Cybertruck. Despite Leno’s close-knit friendship with Elon Musk, the former late-night TV show host does not show bias when displaying his thirst for the newest and most advanced electric powertrains in the world. Recently, Leno got his hands on the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Following discussions with Senior VP of Design Derek Jenkins and company CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson, Leno was impressed with what Lucid brought to the table with its first vehicle offering.

Leno’s first thoughts regarding the introduction of the Lucid Air were simple: competition is great for the automotive sector. He notes that Ford and Chevrolet, with their constant need to one-up each other and break competition barriers, made one another better.

Dreams Come True: Lucid delivers the Air Dream Edition

It appears to be the same narrative with Tesla and Lucid, two electric car companies fighting for the top spot as the marker of the EV sector’s most luxurious vehicles. Tesla may be slightly more notable due to its fourteen-year history of building electric cars, starting with the Roadster in 2008, a vehicle that Leno still speaks about to this day. However, Lucid has come into the market with a very competitive product that undoubtedly rivals the Tesla Model S Plaid, another vehicle Leno has taken for a spin in the past.

Jenkins showed Leno the finer points of the Lucid Air, detailing the all-aluminum body, a wide-set wheelbase that is more comparable to a Mercedes-Benz S Class than any other vehicle, and the spacious interior that provides a luxurious feel.

Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage | YouTube

Then came the fun part: driving the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Leno has driven many of the world’s most unique vehicles, but his narrative of the Air was definitely positive. He seemed to enjoy the company’s vertical integration with its in-house produced motors, a part that Rawlinson said was designed from the ground up by Lucid engineers. Rawlinson also stated that all of the Air’s EV technology, including the battery pack, were all designed and developed at the company’s Arizona-based facility.

Jay’s synopsis regarding the Air’s performance catalyzed some interesting thoughts regarding Lucid’s development of the vehicle’s most-premier variant. Rawlinson says the Air Dream Edition was not geared for a world-record 0-60 MPH time, although it stands at a lightning-quick 2.4 seconds.

Leno enjoyed hearing the finer points of the Lucid Air from CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson (Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage | YouTube)

Rawlinson says that Lucid’s goal wasn’t to necessarily have the car launch from a standstill to 60 MPH, but it was designed to give instant torque when the car is already in motion. One example of where the quick acceleration is applicable is on the freeway, Rawlinson said, when trying to overtake a car or fill in a gap. The mid-range punch that the vehicle’s powertrain provides is more than enough acceleration to make each of these maneuvers on a highway easily attainable.

Check out Leno’s full review of the Lucid Air Dream Edition below.

Lucid Air Dream Edition gets an in-depth review and speedy test drive at the hands of Jay Leno
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