Lucid updates Air Grand Touring to boast its range with faster charging

Lucid Motors has updated the Air Grand Touring configuration to boast more accurate range ratings with the addition of a heat pump, as well as new technologies to increase charging speed.

The Grand Touring configuration has the longest range in the Lucid Air lineup, and the automaker, still attempting to navigate through the early challenges of EV development, is making all the attempts it can to move in the right direction.

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All it can do is make its vehicles better — and with this update, it has. Here are the three improvements Lucid made to the Air Grand Touring to make it one of the most well-rounded options in the company’s lineup:

Heat Pump for Outstanding Range

Tesla first established the crucial nature of the heat pump in electric vehicles. After cold weather was found to vastly affect battery performance, engineers across the industry looked for solutions.

Tesla first installed the heat pump in the Model Y. Noting it works like “air conditioning in reverse,” the system has helped alleviate some of the range loss that occurs while driving in colder conditions.

The 2024 Air Grand Touring now delivers its 516 miles of range with the addition of a heat pump, something Lucid initially installed on the Sapphire configuration of the vehicle.

This will help drivers realize more range in cold settings.

More Efficiency and Sustainable Performance

Lucid said it made enhancements to its proprietary motor design, cell chemistry, and thermal characteristics to reduce the energy that is wasted as heat. This will ensure higher performance for a longer period of time, enabling more sustained spirited driving.

Faster Fast Charging

Lucid has improved automatic battery preconditioning by enabling it en route to the charging station. According to internal calculations, the improvements range from 15 to 30 percent.

Starting at $109,900, the Lucid Air Grand Touring configuration is one of the most well-rounded in Lucid’s lineup. Coupling the industry’s longest EV range rating with these improvements surely will encourage some drivers to switch to the Lucid Air.

“The Air Grand Touring is our longest-range car – in fact the longest-range EV available today – and is now further optimized with a multitude of powertrain updates, including the Air Sapphire heat pump,” CEO and CTO of Lucid Group, Peter Rawlinson said.

“The Air Grand Touring has retained its 516-mile range estimate, achieving this despite more-stringent EPA testing. More importantly, it delivers improved range and efficiency in a broader range of everyday, real-world conditions.”

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Lucid updates Air Grand Touring to boast its range with faster charging
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