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Lucid Air ‘Stealth Look’ option begins deliveries

Credit: Lucid

Lucid Group has announced the first deliveries of the “Stealth Look” Air sedan, bringing the “Dark Side” to its all-electric sedan.

The Lucid Air equipped with the Stealth Look personality brings an optional darker exterior design theme, bringing an “overtly sporting personality” to the car.

Unveiled last August, Lucid was looking to take advantage of its fresh EV design, which was one of the more exciting developments in the sector last year. The Stealth Look changed 35 of the Air’s exterior components, redefining the nature of its first all-electric offering.

The most notable changes were the mirror caps, cantrails framing the Glass Canopy roof, and some of the elements of the lower body trim and other finishes helped encapsulate a darker, more “stealthy” look, which is precisely what Lucid was going for.

The finishes differ from the typical platinum finish present on previously-built Air models. The Stealth Look Air features a “dark Stealth Polished finish, reminiscent of the spéculaire black polishing technique employed in fine horology and jewelry.”

After eight months, Lucid announced today that it had started Stealth Look Air EV deliveries.

The first units made their way into customer hands at the Costa Mesa Service Center but will continue throughout the United States “in the coming weeks,” Lucid said.

Lucid’s Senior Vice President of Design and Brand, Derek Jenkins, commented on the company’s achievement:

“The highly-anticipated Stealth Appearance will delight those who prefer a darker, more enigmatic look to Lucid Air. Side by side, Stealth and Platinum are like seeing two altogether different vehicles, two facets of the Air personality.”

Available on the Air Grand Tour and Air Touring, the vehicle comes with the option of a metal roof for $3,000 or $6,000 for a glass canopy roof.

The Stealth Look can also be paired with the broad palette of Lucid Air exterior colors, including Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, and Zenith Red.

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Lucid Air ‘Stealth Look’ option begins deliveries
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