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Rivian improves R1T and R1S range with Software Version 2023.02.03

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Rivian improved the range on its R1T and R1S vehicles with the new Software Update version 2023.02.03.

Rivian rolled out the update on February 7, and along with improvements to R1 key fobs and alerts potentially unlocked doors, the automaker has added “Improved EPA – Estimated Range Numbers” as well:

“Thanks to various incremental improvements over previous software updates, this update includes updated EPA-estimated range. The update also increases the depth of discharge, which increases the usable battery energy. You will now see higher available miles at the top of charge.”

Depth of Discharge shows the percentage of the battery that has been discharged in relation to the overall battery capacity. An easy example of this is if your EV has a 100 kWh battery pack, an 85 kWh depth of discharge is 85 percent of the total battery capacity.

Rivian increased this Depth of Discharge, which makes more of the total battery capacity available for usage. Rivian did not clarify how much of the battery was previously available, or how much of the battery is now usable due to the update when we reached out for comment.

The company has continued to tinker and refine its battery performance in an attempt to squeeze more range for owners. Rivian plans to eventually equip vehicles with a Max Pack, which is set to roll out later this year.

Rivian R1T’s Max Pack + Quad-Motor configuration will be unavailable starting 2023

Owners are already beginning to see changes to their vehicles. Jon Rettinger said his R1T’s range increased by 14 miles at an 85 percent state of charge.

Additionally, owners on the r/Rivian subreddit indicated increases in their range as well, with the three drive modes offering 347 miles on Conserve, 315 on All-Purpose, and 311 on Sport following the installation of 2023.02.03.

Rivian R1T has the highest range for an electric truck with a 328-mile EPA estimate

In addition to the range improvements, Rivian rolled out a key fob update that improves connection reliability and latency for faster locking and unlocking. A new Door Ajar notification also is included, which will alert owners on their phones through the app if a door isn’t locked due to it not being fully shut.

Additional improvements included reduced steering effort to maintain straight-ahead driving on crowned roads, software containment for frunk latch sensors, which could reduce overnight range loss, range estimation fixes in Tow Mode, and other media improvements.

UPDATE DETAILS by Rivian on Exposure

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Rivian improves R1T and R1S range with Software Version 2023.02.03
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