Subaru details pricing options for new Solterra EV

Credit: Subaru of America

Subaru has announced pricing details for the upcoming Solterra EV that it unveiled last November at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The all-electric SUV Solterra EV is a near-twin of the Toyota bZ4X, another all-electric vehicle that the Japanese automaker launched earlier in 2022. As Subaru moves closer to initial production of the Solterra, which will arrive at dealerships this Summer “in limited numbers,” the automaker is releasing additional details about the vehicle, including pricing and trim options.

Subaru debuts Solterra EV collab with Toyota, U.S. unveiling later this month

The 2023 Subaru Solterra will have three trim configurations: the Premium AWD 18″, Limited AWD 20″, and Touring AWD 20″, with each qualifying for the federal tax credit of $7,500 as the automaker has not reached the 200,000 vehicle cap limit to disqualify itself from the program. The Premium trim will start at just $44,995, the least expensive configuration of the vehicle. After destination fees of $1,225, which apply to each trim level, and the $7,500 tax credit, its price will be $38,720.

The Limited AWD 20″ configuration starts at $48,495 and will cost $42,220 after destination fees and the tax credit. Finally, the Touring AWD 20″ vehicle will be $51,995, and $45,720 after destination fees and tax credits are applied.

There will also be charges for certain paint colors, which is not a Subaru-exclusive fee. Tesla also charges for some paint colors, with the most expensive Red Multi-Coat adding $2,000 to a vehicle’s price. However, none of Subaru’s colors will set drivers back more the $395. The Harbor Mist Gray Pearl, Elemental Red Pearl, and Cosmic White Pearl will all cost $395, but a Two-Tone option will cost $890 for any of those colors. The Smoked Carbon and Galactic Black are free, but the Smoked Carbon also has a $495 upcharge for a Two-Tone application.

The Solterra EV packs 215 horsepower and 249 pounds of foot torque from its front and rear electric motors. The vehicle is also equipped with a Dual-Function X-MODE that allows drivers to conquer nearly any terrain, including Snow, Dirt, and Mud, and is available on all trim levels, not just the premium ones.

Range comes to 228 miles for the Premium trim and 222 miles for both the Limited and Touring configurations. All Solterra EVs come with a 72.8 kWh battery pack.

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Subaru details pricing options for new Solterra EV
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