Tesla begins delivering refreshed Model 3 ‘Highland’ in Austria

Credit: Franz Stadlmann (via Esther Kokkelmans on X)

Tesla has begun delivering its refreshed Model 3 across Europe, with Austria now joining the list of countries to receive initial deliveries of the sedan.

The newly redesigned Tesla Model 3, internally dubbed the “Highland” during development, has recently been spotted being delivered for the first time in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland and more. On Wednesday, the first wave of refreshed Model 3 units went out to customers in Austria, as seen in one photo shared from Vienna.

Photographs taken by Franz Stadlmann in Vienna were shared on X by Esther Kokkelmans on Wednesday, showing the Model 3 and indicating that initial deliveries have begun. The pictured sedan is sporting Tesla’s stealth grey paint color, as can be seen in the post below.

In addition to being shipped to customers in European countries, the Gigafactory Shanghai-built Model 3 has begun initial deliveries in China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and others, and the vehicle is expected to hit even more countries in the coming months.

Tesla Europe also shared a link to schedule a test drive of the upgraded Model 3, now available in several countries.

Over the past few months, huge batches of the refreshed Model 3 have been spotted outside of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai as the units are prepared to be shipped to customers overseas. The new Model 3 comes with a handful of updated features, including redesigned headlights, a simplified interior, ambient lighting and more.

Although the Model 3 “Highland” is not yet available in North American countries, the sedan has been seen being tested on U.S. roads in the past few months. In most cases, the upgraded Model 3 has been seen being driven covered, though it was recently spotted in California being driven with no coverings.

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Tesla begins delivering refreshed Model 3 ‘Highland’ in Austria
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