Tesla Model 3 units join LA County Sanitation District fleet

(Credit: Dave Bolderoff)

The Los Angeles County Sanitation District recently launched its new Tesla Model 3 fleet. 

The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts’ Fleet Manager, Dave Bolderoff, recently shared on LinkedIn that the agency purchased 22 Tesla Model 3 units. Bolderoff commented on Tesla’s efficient order and delivery process. 

The agency purchased $1 million worth of Tesla Model 3 RWD units. However, each Model 3 cost $30,625 after rebates and incentives. The agency paid $673,750 for all 22 Model 3 units. According to Bolderoff, the Model 3 RWD was the best-priced fleet vehicle after the Chevrolet Bolt. 

Earlier this month, General Motors announced that the standard Bolt EV would not join the new lineup of electric vehicles produced with the Ultium platform. Chevy Bolt EV fans were slightly disappointed with GM’s announcement. However, the legacy automaker still plans to release a slightly larger and better-looking Chevy Bolt EUV. Only time will tell if the new Bolt EUV will be competitive enough to beat the likes of the Model 3 RWD in the fleet market. 

The Model 3 RWD is a formidable foe, especially with Tesla’s impressive customer service. In his LinkedIn post, Bolderoff spoke highly of Tesla’s customer services, enumerating each positive Tesla experience.

“Legacy OEMs need to step up their game. We still have light-duty vehicles that have been on order since July 2022, yet to be delivered. After typically waiting 3-6 months for legacy OEM to manufacture a vehicle it takes another +2 months for delivery (without any upfits). After transport, vehicles tend to sit in dealer lots for extended periods of time for processing.

“For fleet replacement planning, these inefficiencies are frustrating and no longer acceptable. Thanks Tesla for providing another option. Hopefully, this motivates legacy OEMs to follow suit,” wrote Bolderoff. 

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Tesla Model 3 units join LA County Sanitation District fleet
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