Tesla Model S Upgrades Leaked!

The Model S has won numerous awards for its cutting edge 17″ touch screen command center, and is clearly leagues above its closest rival, but innovation doesn’t stop there.  A latest video, from the folks at Drag Times, has been leaked which hints at additional Model S features such as blind-spot detection, a lane drifting warning system, adaptive cruise control and diagnostics for the battery management and cooling systems.  For the thrill seekers that are searching for even more performance gains, there are additional settings to toggle on and off the top speed limiter and torque derating.

On top of that Tesla Motors might to be taking a page out of the Apple handbook by building a ecosystem around their Tesla “appstore”. New apps supporting calendaring to sketchpad and image viewers have been spotted within the menu system.  We just want to know when we’ll be able to get Temple Run on the Tesla!?


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