Tesla Model X Drag Race

Tesla Model X Plaid gets another drag race win against 1000hp Porsche

Credit: DragTimes Youtube Channel

A Tesla Model X Plaid has taken on a modified Porsche 911 Turbo S and has once again shown its capability as a drag race monster.

Despite the size of the Tesla Model X Plaid, more and more owners are taking the vehicle to the drag strip due to its incredible performance capabilities. Recently, a Model X took on a Ferrari 488 Pista, creaming the supercar in the quarter mile. Now Tesla’s largest vehicle has taken on a modified Porsche 911 Turbo S producing just over 1000 horsepower.

The video of the series of drag races was posted on YouTube by the DragTimes channel and shows the Tesla go head to head with the Porsche in a best-two-out-of-three drag race series.

Predictably, the Model X Plaid won the drag race, leaving many to wonder if any car is close to challenging the Tesla Model S Plaid, which is even faster.

Despite its significant size and eye-watering curb weight, the Tesla Model X had the advantage over the Porsche before they even started. While producing a very similar 1020 horsepower, the Model X plaid also benefits from a cartoonish 752 pound-feet of torque and an advanced all-wheel-drive system that gets all that power to the ground. Moreover, its substantial weight helps keep it planted to the ground, preventing wheelspin during the race.

Tesla continues to prove that electric vehicles are the fastest accelerating vehicles on the road, and it isn’t even close. But they aren’t the only ones. In the world of hypercars, Rimac and Pininfarina continue to set quarter-mile records. Year after year, they get closer to achieving top speeds close to the current leaders from Buggatti, Hennessey, and Koenigsegg. Hopefully, we can see equally amazing performance from the Tesla Roadster when it is released in the coming years.

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Tesla Model X Plaid gets another drag race win against 1000hp Porsche
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