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Unplugged Performance Debuts Tesla Model S Body Kit

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Front Splitter

Unplugged Performance produces an exclusive range of premium grade products that give the Model S a new performance identity.

Hailing itself as the world’s first tuning company with a focus exclusively on the Tesla Model S, Unplugged Performance is starting to create quite a stir within the budding world of electric vehicle (EV) tuners with its latest Model S debut at TMC Connect – a Tesla user conference held in Monterey, CA.

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Unplugged Performance’s products are designed, prototyped and manufactured in house at its headquarters facility neighboring Tesla Motors design center in Hawthorne, CA. The company’s aftermarket performance kits aim to give the Tesla Model S a Supercar-grade makeover that will surely make any Model S owner the talk of town.

Unplugged Performance, unleashing the hidden Model S personality

It’s hard to improve on the already elegant lines of a Tesla Model S. While numerous tuners and after-market kit manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with their own body treatments, we feel Unplugged Performance is the only tuner that has developed a high quality kit that’s elegant and actually enhances the contours of the sleek Model S, yet not succumb to being over-the-top flashy.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Rear Carbon Fiber

The Rear Under Spoiler/Diffuser package is designed as a mix of functional aggressiveness with a performance benefit. The treatment updates the factory rear design through subtle elongation of the rear diffuser that enhances air flow, but also adds a visual uniqueness not currently found in other kits. All five of Tesla’s functional under-body diffuser fins are kept and integrated into the new design.

Side section design signature doesn’t have to be plain

Sadly, most modern sedans are dreadfully boring when viewed from the side. While the front and rear might be appealing, designers and carmakers usually let us down with a plain-Jane looking mid-section. Although Tesla Motors does a great job at making the Model S quickly identifiable from the side, Unplugged Performance ups the ante even more with a subtle visual enhancement. The already elegant side profile of the Model S is highlighted with the Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Set. These side skirts enhance the car’s overall shape and balance. Most Teslarati would notice the difference instantly.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S

We met up with Unplugged Performance at the TMC Connect event this year and got a closer look at its modification kits. Without a doubt, Unplugged Performance adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an already attractive Model S and reveals a certain hidden personality of one of the best EVs made, aggressive, without going overboard.

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