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Fisker Ocean software teased by CEO

Credit: Fisker

Henrick Fisker showed off the Fisker Ocean software today via a video posted on Twitter.

Ahead of Fisker’s anticipated deliveries later this year, the CEO Henrick Fisker has shown off the vehicle’s interior UI software in a video posted on Twitter. The viewing showed very little of the capabilities of the upcoming vehicle’s software but did show some basic design elements and possible functionalities that are still in the works.

The video starts by showing the interior of the Fisker Ocean and its center display, twisting from landscape to portrait view, allowing the driver to interact with numerous controls. Once turned, the display shows the vehicle’s home screen with some essential functions; the visualized driving area that displays nearby vehicles and the roadway, music controls, a map, climate controls, and a tag labeled “range factors,” presumably helping a driver achieve the best possible range.

Along the left side of the display, more options are available for the driver; air conditioning controls, what looks like an app selection option, settings, and a home button that returns to the home page. One button, displayed with a lightning bolt over what may be a car, is not used but could indicate charging settings or drive mode.

Overall, the Fisker system is rudimentary and un-offensive. It looks easy enough to use and responsive, but the questions surrounding Fisker currently have nothing to do with its software offerings.

Via their manufacturing partner Magna International, Fisker has been able to produce roughly 95 prototype cars, according to their most recent press release. And while the company’s reservation page maintains that select models will begin the delivery process later this year, many have posted in comments under the selected video that they hope to see their order completed sooner rather than later.

The company has all of Q4 to begin producing and shipping their anticipated vehicles, but customers have been left in the dark without a production timeline.

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Fisker Ocean software teased by CEO
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