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Ford F-150 Lightning production halt to continue through end of next week

Credit: Ford

Ford said today that its F-150 Lightning production halt would continue through the end of next week.

Yesterday, Ford said it would pause production of the F-150 Lightning due to a vehicle battery problem. However, at the time, Ford could not clarify how long this pause would last.

Ford pauses F-150 Lightning production, citing potential battery issue

In a statement given to Teslarati, Ford said F-150 Lightning production would be suspended through “at least the end of next week:”

“We are suspending production at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center through at least the end of next week. During a standard Lightning pre-delivery quality inspection, one vehicle displayed a battery issue.”

After a quality inspection showed one Lightning unit had a battery issue, Ford stopped production and now says it believes it has identified a root cause:

“We believe we have identified the root cause of this issue. By the end of next week, we expect to conclude our investigation and apply what we learn to the truck’s battery production process; this could take a few weeks. We will continue holding already-produced vehicles while we work through engineering and process updates.” 

Ford said yesterday that it would not stop the sale of F-150 Lightning units that are currently on dealer lots. There is no stop-sale, only a stop-shipment and a temporary halt on Lightning production.

Ford expanded F-150 Lightning production last year by adding a third shift to ramp production to 150,000 units by this Fall.

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Ford F-150 Lightning production halt to continue through end of next week
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