How to Prevent Losing Your Tesla Model S Key Fob

Tesla Model S Key Fob

Losing your beloved Tesla Model S key fob is a frightening experience that can be averted with a bit of preventative maintenance.

We still recall that glorious moment when the clouds gave way to a heavenly ray of light that cascaded onto our open palms as our Tesla Sales Representative handed us the mystical Tesla key fob.  Part Matchbox™ car, part trinket, the Model S key fob doesn’t come outfitted with your traditional key ring which makes it extremely susceptible to being lost, hidden or eaten.  Yes, eaten.

Here are some preventative maintenance ideas that could keep you from losing your Tesla Model S key fob.

  • Wear your Model S key as a wristlet (not recommended)
  • Tie a lanyard onto the end of the key fob and wear it around your neck
  • Store the Model S key fob within a USB Flash Drive Case and attach it to your other household keysets.
  • Use a “FobPocket” key holder

Another great solution is to use a Wireless RF Key Finder that electronically locates your lost key fob (or any other household device such as a remote control, cell phone) within a 60 foot radius of you.  The compact and lightweight device is hardly noticeable and can attach via a keyring or adhesive. If you still happen to lose your key, replacing your Tesla Model S key fob can be handled at any Tesla Service Center for the price of $300 per key fob + an $85 programming fee.

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