Tesla ad shows EV and Powerwall customer saved 94% on electricity bill

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has shared its latest advertisement for its energy products and ecosystem, this time highlighting one owner in Australia who reportedly saved 94% on his electricity bill using one of the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) in tandem with Powerwalls.

On Tuesday, the Tesla Energy account on X shared a brief advertisement video sharing a customer experience from Nathan, a Brisbane, Australia-based EV and Powerwall owner and owner of a ride-sharing business. The video notes that Nathan drives over 93,000 km (~57,788 miles) per year in multiple Tesla vehicles, including a Model 3, along with using solar panels and a Powerwall to power both his home and business.

The video claims that, within a month of installing multiple Powerwall home batteries, Nathan saved 94 percent on his electricity bill. It also notes that he regularly charges his vehicles with excess solar energy using Tesla’s Charge on Solar feature, showing multiple shots of the mobile app and energy ecosystem features offered by the company.

You can see the full advertisement below, as posted on X.

Tesla has shared other advertisements for its energy products in the past, including one shared in March that highlights the latest Powerwall’s ability to be submerged in over two feet of water. While the video shows Tesla’s Powerwall 2 units, the company also launched its next-generation Powerwall 3 in select markets this year.

Increased advertising from Tesla began trickling out last year, after CEO Elon Musk told shareholders that the company would start experimenting with some small-scale ad campaigns. Although Musk had previously been opposed to advertising, many investors have argued in the past few years that ads may be necessary to help educate the public about Tesla’s EVs and energy products.

Despite sweeping layoffs in April that affected what seemed to be much of the advertising team, Tesla has continued to roll out new ads over the last couple of months.

While the vast majority of Tesla’s “advertisements” are simply posted to the company’s social media accounts, like the one above, the company has also started sharing dedicated ads on other platforms. For example, Tesla launched YouTube ads last November, and later followed up with some traditional ads on X in February.

The company has also started advertising on this year, and it deployed a unique “Mobile Gallery” advertisement in New York and Florida, which included a Cybertruck driving around and towing a trailer hauling a Model Y in a glass case, with the glass reading, “The Best-Selling Car in the World is Made in America.”

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Tesla ad shows EV and Powerwall customer saved 94% on electricity bill
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