Tesla Model X Performance becomes key prize on ABC’s ‘Press Your Luck’

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A Tesla Model X Performance was among a comprehensive prize package to a lucky contestant on the primetime television show “Press Your Luck” on ABC.

A contestant named Emily walked away from the show with $430,390 cash, a watch from Dior, a training camp experience at the NASA-owned Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and a loaded Model X Performance packed with Ludicrous Mode, Full Self-Driving, and a Home Charger with solar panels.

Apart from the sizeable cash prize, Emily’s Dior watch is valued at around $4,500, the Space Camp experience at $549, and the Model X at $118,000.

The Model X’s appearance on the game show as one of the premier prizes further highlights Tesla’s lack of need for a traditional advertising campaign. This issue will be raised at the company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on July 7.

The topic of advertising is number four out of seven key agenda items that will be discussed during Tesla’s annual meeting. The Board recommends that shareholders vote “AGAINST” the proposal.

In the past, CEO Elon Musk has talked about his strong anti-advertising stance. Musk feels that money spent on advertising could instead be used on developing the company’s vehicles, and so far, his plan has worked.

Even though the electric automaker spends $0 on advertising campaigns, avoiding the hefty price tags that come with buying TV time slots, Tesla was the top automaker in terms of organic engagement in a May 2019 report from competitive intelligence analysis firm BrandTotal.

Tesla’s brand loyalty has won over thousands of customers, and the company’s vehicles have a mystique that deploys an elusive and captivating swagger because of their unorthodox features.

Tesla’s electric vehicles have appeared on TV shows across the world, music videos, popular social media influencer pages, and video games. All of these sources of access through entertainment have helped the company grow its cars into more than a mode of transportation, but more of a lifestyle and a statement.

Tesla has continued to see a growth in demand, vehicle deliveries, and output due to the company’s decreasing prices and increasing market presence. While the Model X is among the company’s most expensive vehicles, the Model 3 is not, and it has become the most popular Tesla vehicle in its fleet because of its affordable pricing points.

The marketing and advertising campaign that Tesla has utilized since day one has proven that an automaker does not need Super Bowl commercials to sell cars. Brand loyalty and strategic placement of products will, and Tesla’s ability to maneuver its way through a sizable automotive market to become one of the hottest car companies in the world is notable.

Watch the segment of “Press Your Luck” below, where contestant Emily wins a Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X Performance becomes key prize on ABC’s ‘Press Your Luck’
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