Tesla Model S

Tesla P90D Ludicrous Mode Launch Reactions

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Model Launch Reactions

The Tesla P90D with Ludicrous mode upgrade is said to deliver constant acceleration, even beyond 60mph, something the previous Insane mode Model S lacked. Some P90D owners have even gone as far as saying that their experiences with Ludicrous mode actually brought on a sensation of blurry vision.

We’ve seen dozens of launch reactions from the Insane P85D, much of which was downright hilarious. What will be the reaction of passengers when they realize that the 1G in acceleration just doesn’t quit?

We’ll be highlighting the top Tesla P90D Ludicrous mode launch reaction videos here.


Note: Video may contain language that’s NSFW

Source: YouTube user whiteboxer002


Source: YouTube user kbkesq





Source: YouTube user Pete90D

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