StoreDot’s XFC battery charges from 10 to 80 percent in 10 minutes ft. Polestar 5

Credit: StoreDot

StoreDot’s extreme fast charging (XFC) battery cell charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 10 minutes, as a new demonstration featuring a Polestar 5 showcased the efficiency and speed of the XFC cell.

StoreDot and Polestar successfully charged a 77 kWh battery pack powered by StoreDot’s silicon-dominant battery cells from 10 to 80 percent in under 10 minutes.

“We are very excited to share this impressive achievement today and are proud to be on this journey with Polestar, a leading car brand who envisions high performance cars with a sustainable future,” Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, said. “We’re happy to see our partner is among the first EV car makers to acknowledge that XFC is now a necessary standard to make vast EV adoption a reality. With our extreme fast charging technology, you can add 200 miles in under 10 minutes.”

StoreDot unveils integration of 100in5 battery cells into EVs for extreme fast charging

A consistent charge rate of over 310 kW for the entire test procedure was demonstrated, with peak speeds coming at more than 370 kW. The battery pack never exceeded the target operating temperature set by engineers of both teams, according to a joint press release from StoreDot and Polestar.

StoreDot has used a silicon-based anode technology for two main advantages: energy density and charging rate boundaries. This type of cell is advantageous for these two things specifically, as conventional graphite anodes are “already approaching their theoretical limits,” the company said.

The development of the cell is a step forward in the fight against the narrative that EV charging has to be slow and take an extended period of time. StoreDot and Polestar hope this new breakthrough and demonstration will help eliminate charging anxiety.

“By eliminating charging times that were previously an obstacle, StoreDot’s XFC battery cells combined with our cutting-edge product development and battery engineering have unlocked new frontiers for electric mobility,” Polestar CEO Thomas Ingelath said. “This technology will reshape consumer expectations and accelerate mass EV adoption by making EV ownership a seamless experience for the mass market.”

Storedot is on track with production readiness of the XFC cell that will deliver

Credit: StoreDot

of charging later this year. It aims to deliver 100 miles in four minutes in 2026, and 100 minutes in three minutes by 2028.

You can check out the demonstration of the StoreDot cell with the Polestar 5 below:

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StoreDot’s XFC battery charges from 10 to 80 percent in 10 minutes ft. Polestar 5
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