The Boring Company’s tunneling machine emerges at Virgin Hotels

(Credit: The Boring Company)

The Boring Company’s tunneling machine has officially reached the Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, as the enterprise continues developing its network of underground tunnels throughout the city.

The Elon Musk-led company posted about the news on X on Friday, including a photo and video of its Prufrock tunnel boring machine (TBM) as it emerged at the Virgin Hotels resort. The site is the latest in The Boring Company’s continued development of the Las Vegas Loop, a broader network of underground ride-hailing tunnels following its initial loop, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) loop.

The Boring Company details its Prufrock machine on its website, saying that it’s designed to tunnel at a speed greater than 1 mile per week. While the speed is still four or five times slower than a garden snail, the company says the machine is continually improving, with the eventual goal of beating the animal’s speed.

In the medium-term, the company says it’s aiming to exceed a tenth of the walking speed of a human, roughly equating to about seven miles per day.

Credit: The Boring Company

Although the company’s tunnels usually use Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y units to offer rides to passengers, the company has recently been using the Cybertruck to cart passengers on a couple of different occasions.

Other sites The Boring Company has recently reached with Prufrock include those leading to future stations in Chinatown, and at the Westgate hotel, among many others. The Boring Company recently announced that it has given rides to two million passengers in its tunnels, a little over a year after surpassing one million.

The Boring Company last year held an engineer recruitment event at its facility in Bastrop, Texas, recently holding a similar event for students dubbed the Not-a-Boring Competition.

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The Boring Company’s tunneling machine emerges at Virgin Hotels
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