Tesla Introduces Destination Charging in Europe


Tesla Motors tweeted today that there are now 150 destination charger locations available in Europe. Details about the destination charging program found on the company’s website indicate, “Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Pull up and plug into a Tesla wall connector to charge Model S while you shop, dine, or even during an overnight stay.”

This development dovetails nicely with Tesla’s announcement in January that it is pushing ahead with plans to expand its Supercharger network in Europe to cover under-served countries like Spain, Portugal, and Italy before moving into central Europe and Russia.

While destination charger locations operate at lower power than Superchargers, they are more than adequate to give a significant boost in available range if a car is going to remain stationary for 60 minutes or more. When located at a hotel or B&B, they virtually ensure a fully charged battery in the morning o.

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Last week in Oslo, Elon Musk told an audience at the Future of Transportation conference that other manufacturers are welcome to use Tesla’s Supercharger network. He said Tesla is working with Mercedes and others to work out a way to share Supercharger facilities. This is the second time he has emphasized that point, both times while visiting Europe. The first time he did so was while addressing a crowd of well wishers at a Tesla store in Paris. Tesla elected to make all its patents public last year in order to encourage others to build electric cars.

With the Model 3 now just 18 months away from production, some Tesla owners worry that Supercharger locations will become crowded, with long lines of Teslas waiting to recharge. It seems hard to believe that Musk and Tesla have not already thought of that and formulated a plan to prevent overcrowding.

It would help a great deal if other manufacturers would step up and make a contribution to charging infrastructure commensurate with what Tesla has done.

Image source: Tesla Motors


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