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Lucid stock gets elevated target boost from CFRA after initial analysis

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Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) is already getting a boost in its price target from CFRA analyst Garrett Nelson, who released his initial opinions on the company’s stock last week.

Last week, CFRA’s Garrett Nelson opened coverage on Lucid Group, making it the first firm to begin coverage on the electric automaker’s stock. After opening coverage with a $25 price target, Nelson stated that Lucid had the potential to be one of the EV industry’s most relevant players, especially judging upon the performance and initial reviews of the Air Dream Edition sedan, Lucid’s first vehicle release.

In a note to investors, Nelson wrote “With first-class specs on its forthcoming luxury EV models, strong balance sheet and management team, and brand new factory in Arizona, LCID appears to check all the boxes of an industry newcomer with staying power.” The $25 price target was followed with adjusted EPS targets of ($1.65) for 2021, ($1.10) for 2022, ($0.70) for 2023, and ($0.25) for 2024. Despite the company’s status as a newcomer in the industry, especially as production of its first vehicle has yet to begin at its Casa Grande, Arizona, factory, Lucid has received considerable hype from enthusiasts and analysts. However, there are many challenges ahead, including sparring with notable EV sector leaders like Tesla.

Despite the competitive advantages, including the new factory, white-knuckle performance specifications, and a team of highly experienced individuals, Nelson stated that “investors might encounter some speed bumps, as LCID’s closest competitor (Tesla) has established a formidable competitive moat.” The Air Dream Edition sedan will spar head-to-head with the Tesla Model S Plaid, a reincarnation of the company’s first production vehicle, which could cause some uncertainty regarding the Air’s performance in sales. Car buyers may be prone to buy vehicles from an experienced automaker, despite the positive reviews of the Air.

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Lucid holds an advantage in EPA range ratings, as the Air has already broken the 500-mile threshold with several of its vehicles, offering more than 100 miles of additional range compared to the Model S Long Range.

Just over a week after CFRA initiated coverage on Lucid Group, Nelson is now revising his price target by boosting it by $10 from $25 to $35 per share.

“We continue to like LCID’s strategy of targeting the luxury market, as the company will likely need to sell far fewer automobiles to achieve various milestones on the path to profitability,” Nelson writes. “With a balance sheet flush with cash following its recent SPAC transaction, brand new factory in Arizona, guidance of CEO and former Tesla Model S engineer Peter Rawlinson, mean reversion potential from where the stock traded as a SPAC, and most importantly, state-of-the-art vehicles which are getting rave reviews, we remain bullish on LCID shares.”

Essentially a reiteration of the initial investor note, Nelson identifies Lucid’s healthy balance sheet due to its financial backers and recent SPAC transaction with Churchill Capital Corp. IV, along with the experience and dedication offered by CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson, who worked with Tesla during the design and engineering of the Model S.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is not a $LCID Shareholder.

Lucid stock gets elevated target boost from CFRA after initial analysis
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