Tesla Model 3 refresh gets ‘Outstanding EV’ award from CarWow

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Two of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have been recognized in this year’s Car of the Year Awards, as shared by one automotive outlet this week.

The Tesla Model 3 refresh, dubbed “Highland” during development, was awarded the “Outstanding EV” award by CarWow on Tuesday. The publication said that the newly designed Model 3 was “right up with the best electric vehicles,” adding that the refreshed model available in many countries had corrected some of the prior vehicle’s weaknesses.

In addition, the Tesla Model Y earned the list’s “Highly Commended” title and was the only EV included within the section. The outlet writes that the electric SUV’s pricing strategy has brought the “practical and innovative” vehicle in front of a larger number of people.

Overall, CarWow selected the Volvo EX30 as the “Car of the Year,” and as the “Urban Living” award winner. The outlet calls the EV both the best all-round electric car and the best all-round car, with an equally appealing pricing model.

Carwow Chief Content Officer Mat Watson also explained the team’s purpose behind the ratings, saying they’re meant to aid consumers in picking out the right vehicles for them.

“To help buyers make the right choice for them, we’ve looked at everything from price and performance, to efficiency, comfort and practicality – the things that really matter to car buyers,” Watson said. “We’ve picked out the cars that we think lead the field and offer something different, innovative and valuable to buyers paying out their hard-earned money.

Tesla has gained several EV-specific awards for its vehicles in the past, and since it launched its redesigned Model 3 in countries outside North America, many have given the sedan rave reviews.

The Model 3 “Highland” was recently also awarded the Best Car You Can Buy in Norway by, just as the Gigafactory Shanghai-built EV continues to make its way across Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y was selected as the Car of the Year by European firm Parkers’ Company, and it remains the dominant EV in large, key automotive markets throughout the world. It’s also expected to become the best-selling vehicle in Europe this year, and perhaps even globally.

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Tesla Model 3 refresh gets ‘Outstanding EV’ award from CarWow
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