Tesla Cybertruck Performance to get Model X Plaid drivetrain: rumor

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Following much speculation as to what features the Tesla Cybertruck will include, one person shared a handful of new details after getting to drive it this week. Notably, the source claimed that the Cybertruck’s Performance model would have the same tri-motor drivetrain as the Model X Plaid, as some have predicted.

On Wednesday during a Spaces call on X, one person who reportedly test-drove the Cybertruck on Tuesday night said that the vehicle’s Performance model will share the same Plaid tri-motor drivetrain as the Model X (via Matthew Donegan-Ryan). The Cybertruck SpaceX Performance configuration was recently alluded to by CEO Elon Musk, though Tesla hasn’t confirmed whether or not it will include the tri-motor Model X drivetrain.

Additionally, the source claimed that the Cybertruck would have both bi-directional charging and a 240v outlet, though this also hasn’t been confirmed yet. Other details from the source include the following:

The Model X Plaid includes a tri-motor, all-wheel-drive drivetrain, and Tesla says it can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. The automaker also says it has a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

The Cybertruck delivery event reportedly has not been scheduled yet, according to the source. However, some have predicted that it could be held on November 21, as that will be exactly four years after Tesla unveiled the electric pickup.

The call is still ongoing as of writing on Wednesday afternoon. You can either tune in while it’s still live or listen to the recording after here.

The news comes after many have wondered what the launch specs of the Cybertruck would be ahead of Tesla’s initial deliveries of the vehicle. It also comes after the Cybertruck has been spotted several times over the last month, sporting a number of interesting wraps and using features like its impressive turn radius, towing and more.

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Tesla Cybertruck Performance to get Model X Plaid drivetrain: rumor
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